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April 15th, 2024

How you can help make Earth Day a great day!

What started off as a grassroots event back in the 1970s is now an internal phenomenon known as Earth Day. On April 22, people from all over the nation and the world will celebrate the planet by doing simple things that will make a big impact. It’s all about conservation, sustainability, and a healthy environment for all living things. At Azulon at Mesa Verde, we love it. Here are a few things you can do to make the environment even happier. If you have old or unused electronic devices and supplies, you can take them to Staples. They will properly and safely dispose of them for free. When you live in a spacious 55+ apartment at Azulon at Mesa Verde, you’ll experience a leave-the-car-at-home lifestyle because retail and restaurants are next door. So, walking to go out to eat and run errands at Mesa Verde Center will minimize the amount of gas emissions going into the air. Plus, it’s good for your health to get in more steps. Discover all the thoughtful and resort-inspired amenities at Azulon right now!